Spanish Tortilla


A potato tortilla can be one the most traditional Spanish recipes. It is made from a few ingredients: eggs, potatoes, onions along with olive oil. The recipe is simple but there are a few tips to make the perfect tortilla of patatas.

About Spanish Tortilla

Are you familiar with the dishes that taste comforting and aren’t even considered in a cuisine of a nation? In Spain this dish is called potato tortilla. A favorite and consumed from the northern to southern regions of Spain the Spanish Omelette is a popular dish made of the most basic ingredients: eggs, potatoes, and onions.

Spanish tortilla Spanish tortilla is essentially like a pie of potatoes with eggs. While the recipe is easy however, the way of making it differs from potato omelettes or frittata. There are several methods and techniques to create the authentic tortilla.

However, prior to taking step by step, we must talk about a crucial element that is the basis of this dish.

Tortilla de patatas, with or without onion?

In Spain there is an ongoing debate over whether the original recipe for tortillas includes onion or does not. On our travels across the country, we inquired with a variety of people, and the answers were usually linked to the way that their grandmother prepared the dish. It is based on memories of the past, local traditions and the preferences of each.

Our recipe for tortillas includes onions, but on Food’n Road, we love adding a layer of flavor.

Spanish tortillas are a thing!

The conversation about tortillas gets so serious, every person has their own ideal place to put their favorite tortilla. Certain people prefer the rare potato tortilla. The eggs are raw in the middle and flow down the tortilla. Some prefer it medium-well because the egg does not run out, but it’s still smooth. The tortilla that is cooked well is perfect to make the famous pintxos and tapas.

Techniques to make the tortilla to resemble a local

Choose your ingredients well

It is important to note that the Spanish tortilla recipe requires only a only a few ingredients, therefore it is essential that the ingredients are of good quality. The potatoes should not be too soft, so choose fresh eggs and olive oil with a an unfussy flavor, to ensure it doesn’t appear too distinctive in the recipe.

Potatoes must cook in olive oil, and not in water.

There’s no question about how to make tortillas like the traditional Spaniard the potatoes should be cooked ‘ pochadas’ in olive oil for approximately 15 minutes at a medium-low temperature. Don’t be shy about olive oil! The recipe is enough to cover the entire potatoes in a deep fry pan.

I know that the amount of oil might seem like a joke however it does make all the difference to the flavor and texture of tortilla. There’s no need to fret that you can reuse the entire olive oil you used in the preparation.

Make the potatoes and onions separately in pots.

The time to prepare onions and potatoes differs The best option is to cook the onion in a different pan while the potatoes are simmered using olive oil. Onions must be cooked until they are almost caramelized and the best way to do this is to cut them off at the point they begin to turn brown.

The mix of potatoes, eggs, onions and other ingredients must be allowed to rest before being added to the pan.

As opposed to a normal omelette in which allows you to mix everything in the pan One of the secrets to the tortilla is mixing the egg yolks that have been beat together with onions and cooked potatoes in the bowl. It is therefore necessary to let the mix sit for a few minutes before making the tortilla. This is a way to enhance the flavor of the mix, and eggs begin to cook, making it simpler to flip the tortilla.

The best pot or pan to cook tortillas

Before we discuss the most crucial and fearsome aspect of tortillas – the turning. It is important to remember it is one of the key factors for a tortilla to be successful is to cook the tortilla in a skillet that is the correct size, which is non-stick and has sharp edges.

Don’t be afraid to flip the thing over!

The tortilla mix is transferred to the pan once the cooking oil has already become hot. The first time you touch the hot oil is essential to create a crust and create a seal on the tortilla.

If you see that the crust has formed and the pan is covered with the flat plate or lid and then flip it – you have to perform a quick and assured turn to turn the tortilla over to the other side prior to returning it back into the pot.

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