Restaurant receives threats after patrons thought signature poutine dish was named after Putin

Paris restaurant in Paris has come out following abuse and threats from patrons who believed its famous poutine meal was named after Russian President Vladimir Putin.

La Maison de la Poutine, also known as”the” House of Poutine, tweeted on Friday that it experienced “calls of insults and even threats” regarding its name food item.

The most famous dish is made up of fries, dipped in gravy and cheese curds, and is very popular in both Canada as well as France.

The restaurant published a statement on its Twitter account in order to explain their position as well as the background of the French-Canadian food.

“It, therefore, seems necessary for us to recall that La Maison de la Poutine is unrelated to the Russian regime and its leader,” it reads. It is with a heart emoticon as well as the Ukrainian flag, and the logo of the restaurant.


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“Our dish was created at Quebec during the 50s. And the stories that tell the story of its birth are many.

“But one thing is certain: poutine was created by passionate cooks who care about bringing joy and comfort to their customers,” it said.

The restaurant also expressed its gratitude to “the Ukrainian people who are courageously fighting for their freedom against the tyrannical Russian regime.”

This news is coming as several food retailers and stores have altered the names and pricing of products in response to the recent Russian incursion into Ukraine.

Co-op Food confirmed the vodka that is made in Russia was taken off it’s store shelves this morning.

The retailer said that all items manufactured of Russian Standard Vodka were removed from sale “with immediate effect” because the brand has been “overtly marketed as being Russian” and is made in Russia.

 response to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and as a sign of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, we have taken the decision to remove from sale Russian-made vodka,” an official said.

A social media campaign soliciting stores to change their names for chickens from Kievs into “chicken kyiv” to reflect the new spelling of the Ukrainian capital as a gesture of solidarity has produced results.

The following day, Sainsbury’s was the very first UK supermarket to alter the name of this popular chicken dish with the announcement that a new packaging will be rolled out to its stores over the next few weeks.

The retailer said that it had removed all items “100 per cent sourced from Russia” off its shelves.


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“We remain together with the people of Ukraine. We have re-evaluated our range of products and made the decision to eliminate from our range any products that are 100% made in Russia,” a statement was released.

The Independent has a rich history of fighting to protect the rights of those who are the most vulnerable. We first launched in our Refugees Welcome campaign during the conflict in Syria in the year 2015. We are now renewing our campaign and begin our petition midst of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, we’re asking the government to move faster and further in order to ensure assistance is given. For more information regarding the Refugees Welcome campaign, click here. To sign the petition, click here. If you’d wish to make a donation, go to the GoFundMe page.

The disclosure of calories on restaurant, cafe as well as takeaway meals will begin starting this morning (6 April) in England to tackle issues with obesity and health as a way to inspire people to choose “healthier choices” when eating at restaurants.

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