Powerscourt Distillery

Whiskey is one of the “flavors available.

Powerscourt Distillery & Visitor Centre, which opened in May 2019 and employs 26 people now, has been awarded 4th place at the recent Gold Star Awards in the Best Irish Drinks tourism destination category. The visitor center offers a unique experience, combining local food with whiskey.

Powerscourt Distillery has introduced a carefully chosen selection of Irish Artisan Food Products to compliment the tastings of Fercullen Irish whisky.

Irish Farmhouse Cheeses are available in many styles and textures. Wicklow cheese is also included. The artisan producers have also produced a variety of Irish charcuterie that is cured in traditional ways. The ‘food tale’ is rounded out by Irish crackers and local breads.’ Wicklow honey, Wicklow honey, and other accompaniments are also available. Sweet treats include locally baked cakes and a selection of Irish biscuits. Many are gluten-free. Fercullen Whiskey Ice Cream is the perfect dessert. There is also a wide selection of local chocolates.

Powerscourt Distillery has six tasting rooms that are available for corporate and private hire. They can also be used for pre-and post-wedding functions, as well as for high-end events. There is a cafe, AV lounge, retail area, and a bar.


Powerscourt Distillery is a unique whiskey distillery located in a spectacular location. The Distillery can be found on the Powerscourt Estate. It is only a 2-minute walk away from Powerscourt House & Gardens and a 5-minute walk from Powerscourt Hotel & Golf Club. The Distillery is a jewel in the crown of Powerscourt Estate.

Powerscourt Estate, Wicklow’s crown and the “Garden,” of “The Garden CouWicklow’sa place rich in “history” and “exploration. Even “national Geographic rated it one of the three best gardens in the entire world. It has 47 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens against the backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Some of the Powerscourt Distillery Team, from left to right – Alex Noel. Caroline, Gerry, & Ryan.

The Powers Court Team – (Left to Right) Alex, Noel, Ryan, Caroline and Gerry

Powerscourt is not only the ideal location to inspire a younger generation of whiskey enthusiasts and artisans, but it’s also the perfect place to make whiskey. Powerscit’s unrivaled position offers access to materials. From the pure mineral waters that filter into the estate’s underground lake from the Powerscourt Falls estate’s proximity to some of the best Irish growing lands and enjoying a mild coastal climate, Powerscourt is the ideal place to distill and mature Irish whiskey.

The tour is 60 minutes long and includes a fully immersive experience. The visitor enters the old mill house, dating back to 1730, and emerges through a portal into the modern Distillery, which is bright and light. It has been designed to blend the old and the new seamlessly. Visit a fully operational distillery and experience the sounds, sights, and smells. Then, visit the maturation warehouse on site, where whiskey casks are filled and stored. This tour includes tastings of three award-winning Fercullen Irish Whiskeys. Fercullen is produced at Powerscourt Distillery.

Powerscourt Distillery

Noel Sweeney, Master-Distiller and mixer at Powerscourt Distillery is what immediately separates it from other new distilleries on the island. His decades of experience and knowledge are now being passed on to a younger generation of distillers. He was one of the key people responsible for laying the groundwork over 20 years ago that led to the current Irish Whiskey Renaissance.

Noel has led the way in Irish whiskey innovation for more than 20 years. Expert who is internationally recognized and credited for the release of numerous award-winning whiskeys. Noel has been inducted into the Whisky Magazine World Whiskey Hall of Fame and is a founder member of both the Irish Whiskey Association and the GI Technical File for Irish Whiskey.

Fercullen Irish Whiskey

Noel is responsible for all aspects of whiskey production at Powerscourt Distillery. This includes the first Fercullen expressions, the laying down of new spirit, and future releases.

Noel also played an important role in the design of the facilities and the commissioning, ensuring that his quintessential Irish whiskey was delivered. These whiskeys are delicately crafted and award-winning, with layers of complexity and character.


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