M&S have released a Colin the Caterpillar milkshake

The chilled drink is topped with chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and the chocolate Colin’s face. It’s available at over 300 M&S cafes throughout the UK.

Colin The Caterpillar has become a well-loved British iconic character, with the chocolate cake-roll version first introduced in 1990. He is believed to be popular with the likes of Taylor Swift, David Beckham, and Dame Judi Dench.

Since then, Colin went on to appear in the form of cakes, jelly sweets, and even decorating homes.

The drink is released along with the vegan mango and mint smoothie, as well as a strawberry and shortbread milshake made of cream to celebrate the Queen’s platinum Jubilee. The price is PS3.25 and PS3.50 for each.


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The new drinks cost in the range of PS3.25 as well as PS3.50 and are now available at M&S cafes


The Colin the Caterpillar frappe is available at M&S cafes, and retails at PS3.50.

In addition to the foodie celebrations of the celebration of the royal jubilee, Fortnum and Mason have released limited edition biscuits and crockery collections, and Morrisons has Chocolate Corgi cake.

M&S product development manager Claire Hodgson said: “This summer, I’m excited to present an array of delicious drinks for our customers to be excited about, and then plaster all over their Instagrams as they’re just that good!

“This contains my personal favourite one, a strawberry and cream afternoon tea-inspired Scottish Shortbread Frappe. It’s awe-inspiringly delicious and will be available just on time to allow customers to indulge in the lead towards this year’s Platinum Jubilee”.

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