Lava cakes, truly yummilicous!

Cakes Everybody loves to enjoy this special treat at any time. Lava Cakes The brand is named after Lavanya, an entrepreneur and successful woman from Hyderabad.

Lavanya, a fashion designer by trade, wanted to be a successful business owner in an innovative industry. She earned her Master of Baking from the University of Singapore and received quality training in Bangalore. Lavanya manages a Jubilee Hills coffee shop called But…er and her trademark cake brand, Lava Cakes. The tagline is “u name it, we cake it.” The cakes can be customized from the size of a cupcake to weight. Here, you can find a variety of cakes without preservatives and premises.

 Unique and innovative cakes. This brand is known for its custom-designed 3D and 4D cakes, as well as specialized desserts. They are the only ones in the city who make 4D cakes. While 3D cakes can be based on any concept or theme, 4D cakes have features such as light effects, sound effects, rotating, and smoke effects. These cakes are edible and will make any occasion a memorable one. Exotic cakes are perfect for bridal showers, wedding specials, and bachelorettes. Exotic cakes can be made for bridal showers or weddings. Don’t miss this unique cake show! 

Lava Cakes will be hosting a “Cake Show” on March 12, 2016. This is the first event of its kind to take place in Hyderabad. Highlights include the Chandelier Cake (Inverted Cake) and an impressive display of never-before-seen cake designs, including the 24-carat Gold Pastry Range. It is located in the center of the city and has a cake museum. The atmosphere of the place, which is very welcoming, is pleasant. Spirit of Success

Lava Cakes and But…er restaurant are testaments to her hard work, and her determination is warmly appreciated on International Women’s Day. From the last week in March, they will be starting their classes for baking and confectionery. These classes can not only be hobby classes but can also lead to people pursuing them as a profession. Making your cake “drunk” and delicious

Cake mixing is based on the idea that you can make a delicious cake by blending dry fruits, rum, brandy, and spices. Then, preserve it for a few months. There’s more to cake mixing than meets the eye, even though some of these processes are kept secret by families and veteran bakers. Baking expert Divya Divya says:

“How to achieve that special taste or aroma is often a mystery, but a cake can be made by following a few basic tips.” If you want a delicious cake, make sure the ingredients are top-quality. This includes alcohol, raisins and nuts, prunes and cherries, honey, spices, and honey.

The longer the dry fruit is soaked, the more delicious the cake. Reena Jobs, a baking enthusiast, says that some people start the process up to a year ahead.


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