Is Colorado a gourmet food desert?

In June, the Michelin Guide announced that it would begin presenting stars to restaurants within Colorado. The US State of Colorado specifically for five locations: Aspen and Snowmass; Vail; Beaver Creek; Boulder and Denver.

Five is the total amount of stars that the guide gives out. Restaurants that are keen on dining at most rated restaurants could spend a lot part of the time within Denver, which is in which three are located, as well as making an excursion for Boulder or Aspen.

Michelin announced on Tuesday during an event that took place live in Denver, which is the capital of the Rocky Mountain State known for its winter sports. Michelin defines a restaurant with a star by describing it as “high-quality cooking, worth a stop.”

The amount of stars given to Colorado is the smallest in the entire guidebook to be found in North America. When the first Florida guide was launched in June 2022, fifteen restaurants located in Miami and Orlando received five stars, as well as one welcoming two stars (“excellent cuisine; definitely worth a trip”).

Vail, Colorado, restaurants were not praised in the very first Michelin Guide to the Rocky Mountain State.       

Also, the first guidebook for Toronto, published at the end of September 2022, referred to 13 restaurants that had stars, including one restaurant with two stars.


The most well-known restaurant that has one of the stars on The Colorado Guides includes Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, which is a 19-year-old restaurant that offers bold versions of food from Northern Italy. Frasca also has one of the most thoughtful wine lists available in the US.

Frasca Food & Wine’s Risotto is made with aged Carnaroli rice and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and nettle, sculpit, and poppy seeds.

The four-course menu costs US$140. The menu includes Risotto made with aged Carnaroli rice as well as New York strip steak with horseradish.

At Bruto in Denver, head chef Michael Diaz de Leon received an award in recognition of his wood-fired Latin American-influenced tasting menus, which feature tacos stuffed with the fresh catch of the day, along with white Sonora pasta and salsa Macha.

Bruto was among the four restaurants that were awarded an Eco-star as well to recognize places that have significant sustainability programs. (A Green star doesn’t count toward the total number of stars.)

Tacos are available from Bruto, located in Denver.       

Another Denver restaurant that was awarded both a traditional star and a Green one is The Wolf’s Tailor; it concentrates on international cuisine as well as techniques and Zero waste with dishes like lamb’s necks and sweet soy made of tamarind cooked on a barbata grill.

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The rate that the Michelin Guide is expanding has been a constant source of discussion of what is considered to be a star-worthy restaurant among the top dishes at the newly-starred Bosq In Aspen is caviar for $35 – and just how much these stars are still relevant, in the end.

Guide to Colorado will be the 6th guide to the US. The other guides are for New York, California, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Florida.

Which are Michelin awards for black chefs? Only six chefs worldwide have one.

It’s not the most up-to-date for long. In the fall, Michelin will publish its first Atlanta guide.

What method Michelin decides which new areas to include is guided through the local budgets for tourism organizations. Tim Wolfe, the director of the Colorado Tourism Office, announced in the past year that it would invest an additional $9 million to draw tourists in the wake of the decline in spending by visitors of 9 billion dollars between 2019 and 2020.

The agency is paying $100,000 annually to get Michelin in Colorado, according to The New York Times; the contract will run for three years.

It’s easy to criticize Michelin. However, anyone who claims they lost their influence doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

David Kinch, whose Manresa restaurant has earned 3 Michelin stars.


Local authorities that operate in Vail, Denver, Aspen, and Beaver Creek also reportedly agreed to pay a range of US$70,000- $100,000 per. Colorado cities that didn’t take part, like Colorado Springs as well as Aurora and Aurora, were not inspected by the guides’ unidentified inspectors.

It is yet to be determined what happens to people living in cities like Beaver Creek, which had no restaurant that was starred on the list and had only two places that were on the “recommended” list – designated as having “well-cooked” food – will think about how their money is spent.


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