How western eaters get Chinese food wrong, with Fuchsia Dunlop

We will explore Chinese food with chef as well as food journalist Fuchsia Dunlop. In the West, there are many stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding Chinese food: it’s not healthy, oily, or basic. However, it’s actually an ancient cuisine that Fuchsia considers to be “endlessly thrilling” and one of the most delicious and sophisticated cuisines in the world. Fuchsia has written six works about Chinese food and her most recent, Invitation to a Banquet.

She says to Lilah that we can learn from the way the people of China are able to approach food. It takes courage and determination as well as humor – to get through the Maine winter that can be cold, long and desolated. However, there’s always hope for spring, and the summer here is simply stunning. What I’ve learned is that we are pivotal; whether it’s a pandemic or the changing weather, we’re flexible. The people here are awed by the natural beauty and tranquility here. From the ocean to the forests and fields, There’s everything you need within the state boundaries. Monhegan Island is located off from the shores of Maine (c) Greta Rybus French on the Hardy Boat ferry to Monhegan island (c) Greta Rybus Everything takes about 45 minutes at a minimum away from the rest of Maine.

I strongly recommend going north along the 3,500-mile coastline to reach the stunning islands. We love taking the ferry to the rocky Monhegan Island and spend the day hiking. We then end the day by eating fish tacos at The Beach from The Fish House. Monhegan Brewing Company Monhegan Brewing Company is a fantastic family-owned spot to enjoy local beers to end the day. Two tiny islands that are named Allen and Benner, located in the ocean are stunning and were the home of artist Andrew Wyeth, and his family was once based and lived. French At Inn at the Island Inn (c) Greta Rybus Further north, in the middle of Maine near the shores of Rockland’s Vinalhaven is an island perfect for exploring on foot or on a bicycle, kayak, or canoe, all of which are available from the shores of Vinalhaven. Vinalhaven is a charming place, and the countless lobster pots that are scattered throughout the island make it a charming place. The next-door neighbor to it is North Haven, a small island with stunning panoramas at Penobscot Bay and the Camden Hills. We prefer staying at the enchanting Island Inn or at Nebo Lodge, with only 9 guest bedrooms.

Make sure you book in advance because there aren’t a lot of accommodation options on the island, and ferry services don’t return to the mainland during the night. The restaurant on the island is great also, serving homemade bread and oysters fresh from the ocean and scallops. It is the Monhegan Museum, which can be found on The island’s lighthouse (c) Greta Rybus Fish tacos from The Fish House (c) Greta Rybus Freedom The population of 711 – is the place I’ve always wanted to set down roots. Deer Isle is another place that has that enchanting Maine feeling and is accessible by bridges that connect the Blue Hill Peninsula of Downeast Maine with the island. In Brooksville, located on the Peninsula, we enjoy Tinder Hearth, where you can enjoy a relaxing time in the back of the garden and enjoy a pizza cooked in wood. This entire state is beautiful, and there’s not much traffic, with only a few roads that aren’t far away from Route 1. I frequent this place to get the coffee that is roasted for customers by 44 North.

The woman who started 44 North started the business before I started The Lost Kitchen, my eatery. The Lost Kitchen and I have been loyal to them ever since. Nearer to home, just by a short walk from our restaurant, is Villageside Farm, which is where we get lots of our food items. Crooked Face Creamery in nearby Skowhegan creates the best batch of smoky ricotta. They have a small storefront, too. French on display at Monhegan Museum (c) Greta Rybus Monhegan Museum (c) Greta Rybus The Cliffs that makeup Monhegan Island (c) Greta Rybus One of the places I tend to go to every week is Waterville, which has a town called Waterville. Colby College has completely reinvigorated this region, as its Colby Art Museum is truly top-of-the-line; it has artworks from Alex Katz, Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keeffe. Go towards Hathaway Mill Antiques for a little shopping before having an eating in the Jewel of India – the lamb rogan josh is exceptional. French, as well as the husband of Michael Dutton at the Island Inn (c) Greta Rybus French on the high cliffs on Monhegan Island (c) Greta Rybus FT Weekend Festival will be held on Saturday, August 2, in Kenwood House Gardens, London. Get your tickets now to experience an entire day of tastings, debates, Q&As, and much more . . .

Some speakers are Rebecca Stephens, Don McCullin, Ben Saunders and many others, as well as the best FT editors and writers. Sign up now at If you travel south from Portland, you should not eat at the same spot more than once. It is a true foodie town. One of my favorite new spots is Crispy Gai, serving delicious fried chicken that is cooked to perfection and a variety of cocktails. Leeward is the spot to go for exquisite pasta dishes, and the biggest of everything, Fore Street, is still the benchmark for farm-to-table dishes. If we decide to stay for at night, I love The Press Hotel because it’s located in the downtown area and is just a short walk from my favorite stores like Print: A Bookstore and Blanche + Mimi for homeware. Highly recommended The world, according to Kate Moss Demi Moore’s guide to Sun Valley, Idaho. The coastal towns of Maine are certainly booming; however, inland, many things remain the same. The dirt roads aren’t paved, and the farmers continue to cultivate. A growing number of people are becoming aware of the simplicity of life, and, in Maine, this has been a standard of living.

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