Have your cake naked!

What is naked cake? Naked cakes Cakes without frosting are popular for weddings because they are simple and don’t require much effort. They focus on the color, texture, and style of the cake instead of the frosting.

The frosting used to adhere the layers is minimal. The cakes are healthier because they don’t have an outer buttercream or fondant layer. The dessert is unfinished and usually topped with real fruits and flowers. It adds an elegant touch to your table.

Celebrity Stamp

Even celebrities enjoy these cakes. Hilary DuffAshlee Simpson, Angelina Jolie Pitt, and Dave Coulier chose naked cakes for their weddings.

Bakers goes `nude’ crazy.

Baker Karishma Chandani explains, “The trend has caught on, and it’s a new thing. The distinct layers make it look more beautiful. It makes sense to serve a naked cake at a large event. Nude cakes are often made with chocolate caramel or strawberry cream cheese.

Jui Chitnis is another baker who believes that rustic looks are the most appealing. “Apart from weddings, I have also received orders for New Year’s Eve and birthday cakes. “The vibrant color combinations of the cake are due to the real fruit and flowers used.”Pocket pinch: A minimum of one kilogram is required to get the height you need. You can expect to pay between Rs 1,100 and 2,800 depending on the flavor, baker, and decoration. Benefits

The baker can bake the desserts fresh on the day of the event, as they don’t contain fondant or buttercream that keeps. Traditional cakes This will prevent the cake from drying out and allow bakers to sell stale cakes.

Spirit of Success

Lava Cakes and But…er restaurant are testaments to her hard work, and her determination is warmly appreciated on International Women’s Day. From the last week in March, they will be starting their classes for baking and confectionery. These classes can not only be hobby classes but can also lead to people pursuing them as a profession. Making your cake “drunk” and delicious

Cake mixing is based on the idea that you can make a delicious cake by blending dry fruits, rum, brandy, and spices. Then, preserve it for a few months. There’s more to cake mixing than meets the eye, even though some of these processes are kept secret by families and veteran bakers. Baking expert Divya Divya says: “How to achieve that special taste or aroma is often a mystery, but a cake can be made by following some simple tips.” If you want a delicious cake, make sure the ingredients are top-quality. This includes alcohol, raisins and nuts, prunes, cherries, honey, and spices.

The longer the dry fruit is soaked, the more delicious the cake. Reena Jobs, a baking enthusiast, says that some people start the process up to a year ahead.


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