Griha pravesh tips for your new home

For a majority of us, purchasing an apartment to call our home and share with our family ‘happy forever, is a dream that will come real. However, we Indian are extremely specific about mahurats and auspicious days for everything necessary in our lives. Therefore, when you are looking to purchase a property or move into your own home, which is undoubtedly significant, the importance of considering an auspicious day is a given. The belief is that moving into the house on an auspicious day is likely to bring good fortune and prosperity and will make life easier for your family.

In addition to the auspicious day, Indians also plan Griha Pravesh poojas prior to getting into the house. Astrologers and Vastu experts advise the pooja to be performed during subha mahurat, an auspicious day. The most auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh ceremony are Vasant Panchami Akshaya Tritiya Gudi Padwa and Dussehra (also called Vijayadashmi). There are also days such as Uttarayana, Holi, Adhikmas and Shraddha Paksha on which griha pravesh should not be practiced.

Five components of Vastu

In the words of Vastu Shastra, the house is composed of five elements, namely Sun, Fire, earth, water, and wind. Vastu is a great way to bring about an equilibrium between these elements that results in the happiness and prosperity in homes. In the griha pravesh pooja, which we perform, we offer prayers to Gods and God, the God in charge of these elements, in order to bring harmonious balance. You are invited into the home with members of your family amid the chanting of mantras performed by priests, who are with a copper-colored kalash stuffed with water, nine varieties of grains, along with a coconut and a penny set over it. Start with your right foot.

Once the house is finished

Perform the Griha Pravesh ritual only after the house is finished and not if the work is being completed. Before you plan the day for the pooja, make sure that your home is prepared for moving with all windows and doors fixed, as well as painting completed, electrical fittings in place, and furniture arranged. At night, after the day of pooja, relax in your new house with your loved ones.

Certain spaces within the home are left unnoticed and neglected because nobody is aware that they are a part of the decor, and the space under the staircase ranks first of such rooms.

Depending on the location of your staircase is situated depending on the location, you can embellish it and use the space in a distinctive and stunning way based on your budget and needs. For instance, you could create the appearance of bars beneath the staircase, which is located inside the room. When you’ve got stairs that are located in the dining area, and you want to add a winter garden, it’s an ideal idea. Check out some amazing staircase designs below.

If you’ve got stairs or a ladder within your home and the area beneath it is unoccupied, Get inspired by these ideas for decorating under the staircase to give your space an entirely new style. It is also possible to consult professionals in interior design for an original and innovative idea.


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