Godrej Food Trends Report explores the rise of ‘Indian Gastro Tourists’

The Godrej Food Trends Report explores the world of culinary travel. This is a trend that has captured Indian travelers’ hearts and tastebuds. The desire to experience an adventure through food is growing, and travelers are taking to the road to discover new cuisines. This trend of culinary exploration is changing the face of travel and creating a whole new group known as “Indian Gastro Tourists.”

The report closely observed the culinary revolution and found that Indian travelers are more passionate than ever about seeking out new delights. The two-year quest for food excitement has led to a move away from traditional tourist activities and towards culinary exploration.

The report is a thorough study that dives deep into the possibilities and growth of culinary tourism. The report highlights destinations that will be popular with Indian culinary tourists and focuses on the unique culinary traditions and experiences each destination has to offer.

Culinary destinations of most interest

Domestic Food Travel Destinations

Northeast India is a destination that has seen a rapid increase in popularity among culinary travelers. 68% of panelists think this region is one of the fastest growing.

Chettinad: 43% of experts believe that Chettinad has emerged as one of the most exciting culinary regions. Its cuisine is richly infused with flavors of neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Goa: 46% of panelists think that Goa is not just known for its local flavors but also for introducing contemporary cuisines. It’s a hub to explore diverse flavors.

Street Food Destinations

Lucknow With Lucknow’s rich history and Awadhi/Mughal rulers, 59% of the experts agree that its food culture is deeper. Don’t forget to taste the Nehari Kulcha and Sheermal. These dishes are a must-try when you explore the culinary delights of the city.

In Kolkata, 54% of panelists said that Kolkata was a melting pot of cultures. It has an amazing food that spans a number of cultural influences. The city is well known for its street foods like kathi roll and Chowmein, which act as a draw for tourists and culinary travelers.

Amritsar: 51% of experts say Amritsar has the best north-Indian street foods, such as chole kulche, Jalebis, Gulab Jamun, and a tall lassi.

International Food Travel Destinations

South Korea: A staggering 50% of experts in the industry believe that the K-drama phenomenon is gaining popularity worldwide, but the desire to decode an authentic Korean dish is also helping South Korea gain prominence internationally.

Vietnam: According to 48% of panelists’ insights, travelers are increasingly choosing Southeast Asian countries in the wake of the pandemic, and Vietnam is a popular destination for food lovers.

Spain: According to 43% of experts’ insights, Spain is a culinary heaven with many award-winning restaurants. Spain’s diverse culinary landscape is reflected in its tapas and Pintxos bars.

Rushina Mushaw Ghildiyal is the managing director of Perfect Bite Consulting and curator of the Godrej Food Trends Report. She says, “We have witnessed a remarkable shift in the worlds of travel and cuisine where food has been the bridge that connects people to rich diversity of cultures around the globe.” We’ve witnessed the rise of culinary tourism, which transcends borders and unites people through the common language of flavors and spices, as highlighted by the Godrej food trends report.

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