Football fans in Qatar will receive live scores on their Budweiser beer

Fans of football who attend matches in Qatar will be able to view live scores as well as game statistics printed on the Budweiser beer foam.

  • In November, across three continents across the globe, We’re delighted to have partnered in partnership with AB InBev, parent of Budweiser and Budweiser, to provide an unparalleled experience for fans of football watching the biggest games.
  • We’ve incorporated the live data stream into our Bev-Top Media platform that will convert live, in real-time, scores, game statistics, fan messages, game stats, and other information into a printed version to Budweiser foam at the time of the event (in an extract of plants, Red juice of a vegetable).
  • “As part of our support of football and its fans worldwide, Budweiser is committed to bringing the most innovative experiences to its fans,” says Michael Codd, AB InBev Global Martech Director of Experiential Marketing. This partnership will push Ripple’s technologies to the next step by providing massive data analytics as well as a unifying global brand activation that will make Budweiser a major partner of the world’s most prestigious international sporting event. We are excited.

Ripples Co-Founder and CEO Yossi Meshulam discusses how you can sell more drinks and create memorable experiences for your guests at your events.

CFE: What is the reason why caterers and event planners are investing in the Ripple Maker?

The first and most important thing is that it’s an immediate return on investment. We have lots of mixologists, caterers, and coffee carts making use of our technology. It’s an additional item to sell these businesses. It’s affordable technology, and, in the majority of cases, they reap the benefit in two events.

With Ripples catering, caterers are more of a strategic element in an occasion. It’s not just a catering and beverage partner. You’re offering clients an opportunity to spread messages, generating hundreds of photographic opportunities.

Final thoughts on ideas for cocktail garnishes

These ideas can open your eyes to the myriad possibilities and lucrative opportunities cocktail garnishes could bring to your business. Please make use of them in creative ways to differentiate yourself from the rest and draw your customers in. You’ll surely leave an excellent taste in their mouths.



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