Fantastic Beer Marketing Campaigns From Around the World

  • At the Spirits Innovation Conference in London, Yossi Meshulam, Ripples CEO, shared numerous case studies to show how brands of spirits and beer can make use of innovation to help their brand stand out.
  • Here are some of the beer marketing strategies he spoke about, as well as tips for you to consider regardless of what budget or brand you’re working for.


  • The official sponsor of the Belgian National Football Team, the Red Devils, since 1988, Juplier introduced the RED INside campaign to prepare for Euro 2020. They launched a new beer called The RED (same flavor, but a different hue) in order to let them take advantage of the red wave and reach the quarterfinals with their team. The campaign generated 27 hectoliters sold of beer and a reaching of around 22 million.
  • The bottom line is that you do not have to create an impression by yourself! Find ways to be part of a larger discussion surrounding the most prominent event.


  • The month of January in Sydney will see temperatures that exceed 47°C or 116°F. The Sydney Beer Company’s Summer Price Index ensures this isn’t necessarily a negative thing. If the temperature rises, the price of beer decreases. The campaign has garnered more than 7,500+ digital engagements plus more than 7,500 purchases and a reach on the media of over 16 million.
  • The key Takeaway is to link the price to the consumption time of the product as well as
  • Create a dynamism-based engagement system that allows your customers to visit you regularly to make interaction an everyday routine.


  • Heineken utilizes 100% green energy throughout the production of its products. To highlight this milestone in sustainability as well as their next goal of achieving 50% of the points of sale across 19 Brazilian capital cities to be powered through renewable energy in 2030. Heineken has created a billboard powered by solar energy, which is connected to the bar that is a hit Brewteco.
  • The text reads, “This billboard will cool your Heineken. Cheers.”
  • The lesson to take away is that your marketing campaigns will have a huge impact by combining innovative thinking with a clear message. Always think about the bigger story you want to communicate. The billboard’s symbolism is in the face of climate change and is an extremely effective method to kick off an exchange about Heineken’s brand values.


  • People who visit the Guinness Storehouse are able to taste The STOUTie, A perfect pint of Guinness that comes with the option of having a selfie printed on the head. As per Guinness Storehouse’s website, “In the true spirit of innovation, The STOUTie pushes the boundaries, using technology to add natural malt extract to the top of each Guinness pint to create the chosen design.”
  • The Takeaway selfies on drinks have been shown to be viral. As each pint is branded with Guinness Storehouse’s Guinness Storehouse logo, it’s a simple and scalable method to increase brand reach and brand recognition.
  • If you’ve been impressed by this post and you are seeking ways to create a new marketing strategy for your restaurant or brand, it is the simplest way to go about it. Your campaign may start running in the next few days!

Ripples Co-Founder and CEO Yossi Meshulam discusses how you can increase the sales of beverages and create memorable experiences for your guests at your events.

CFE: What is the reason why catering companies and planners of events, in particular, invest in the Ripple Maker?

It’s an immediate return on investment. We have lots of mixologists, caterers, and coffee carts using our software. It’s an item that can be sold to these businesses. It’s affordable technology, and, in many instances, they can reap the return on investment on two occasions.

With Ripples, catering companies become an integral element of a celebration. It’s not just a catering and beverage partner. You’re providing clients with the opportunity to communicate an important message and offering many photographic opportunities.

Final thoughts on cocktail garnishes

These ideas will inspire you to the numerous possibilities and lucrative opportunities garnishes for cocktails can bring to your business. Please make use of them in creative ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to engage your clients. You’ll leave them with your audience with a pleasant taste in their mouths.



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