Best Mexican food dishes to try

Mexican cuisine is among the most popular foods on the planet, recognized for its fusion of indigenous food and European influences. Chocolate, vanilla, corn tomatoes, and chile peppers are just a few of the ingredients indigenous to Mexico that have influenced recipes worldwide for centuries.

It’s regularly in the top five most popular types of food served in the United States, celebrated for tacos, burritos and margaritas, salsa and margaritas. Within these broad categories of food, there is an abundance of options and hundreds of food items that are only sometimes seen on menus in countries other than Mexico.

Most food experts will agree that the underlying principle of a lot of Mexican cuisine is nixtamalization, which is a labor-intensive pre-Hispanic procedure. It involves soaking corn kernels in the mineral cal (calcium hydroxide) to extract its nutrients before turning them into the masa used for making tortillas, tamales, and other corn-dough-based foods that form the basis of Mexican cuisine.

From the Lebanese-inspired dishes and the zesty flavors from the coast regions, the legendary torta, and the numerous ways it could be made with corn, these are the 23 most typical Mexican meals that recount the history of this famous cuisine.


A classic meal typically consumed at breakfast time, chilaquiles are made of stale tortillas that can be cut into strips and then fried and served with green or red sauce to achieve a balanced combination of crisp and soft all at once. It’s a perfect meal for the everyday. Have a pile of old tortillas left over from dinner? Make Chilaquiles. The dish is served with some razzle dazzle, adding queso fresco, crema, and perhaps a squirty egg.


Are you looking for a partner for your spiced cafe de Olla? Concha, also known as pan dulce (sweet bread), is a favorite choice in various Mexican restaurants and bakeries. The sweet bread rolls are light but durable, and the seashell-like topping adds some crunch. The candy is typically painted yellow, pink, or off-white. It can also be found in more contemporary colors and enchanting unicorn pastels.

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Another typical breakfast option of Mexico City, the Recoleta elevates the traditional chilaquile meal to a new level. Tecolota is a warm bolillo roll filled with chilaquiles, refried bean crumbs, crema, cheese, a sprinkle of cilantro, and chopped red onions.

Tacos al pastor

The word “al pastor” loosely translates to “shepherd-style,” it’s the foundation for a standard selection of taquerias in Mexico. Its roots can be traced back to more than one century ago as Lebanese immigrants brought the traditional shawarma spit into Mexico and sparked a new method of slow-cooking meat over an open flame.

In this case, Mexicans use pork marinated in a mix of slow-cooked chiles over a spit or tromp. It is usually served with a whole fruit, whose juices provide the flavor of tropical fruits to counterbalance the heat of the protein, and is generally cut small by little to make the pineapple’s flavor on top of the taco.

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Historically, barbacoa referred to the barbacoa style used by the Taino people from the Caribbean. Regarding Mexican food preparation, barbacoa refers to slow-cooking meat on an open flame or in a hole dug into the ground. The type of protein used is dependent on the location. In northern Mexico or the south of Texas, the beef head or C anche(beef cheeks) or cabrito (goat) are typical. Lamb is more prevalent in the country’s southern areas, like Oaxaca.

Mariscos (seafood)

The Mexicans are fond of seafood and have plenty of options for fresh seafood, including shrimp and shellfish, whether on the Mexican Riviera or the Pacific coastal regions of Baja or Nayarit. Baja is where you will discover the place where the first taco of fish, which is believed to have been influenced by the Japanese who came from the Mexican Pacific Coast in the early 20th century. White fish filets and cooked shrimp get battered, then flash-fried and served with cabbage, lettuce pic,o de gallo, and crema.

Ceviche is a popular food item in coastal areas where raw shrimp or fish is cooked in citrus juice, often accompanied by sliced rings of jalapeno, cubed cucumber, and chilling tomato-based broth and served with crackers or a tostada for scooping.


In north Mexico, the city bordering Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, is the birthplace of the burrito. The food is frequently dismissed as an Americanized variation of Mexican food but still authentic. This area of Mexico is a flour tortilla region. A burrito is the most enormous flour tortilla stuffed with one or two ingredients like carne guisada (braised beef), beans, or barbacoa.

They are thin compared to their thicker cousins — the Mission-style burrito widely served by chains like Chipotle. The more enormous burritos, first offered to customers during the 60s in San the city’s Mission District, also contained rice, beans, possibly cheese, chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, sour cream, and sour cream before being stretched into an elongated roll, and then ready for eating.


The spicy stew of meat birria has gained a huge following in recent times, far beyond the border of Mexico.

Birria is a must-have dish from Jalisco, and in recent times, it has become trendy throughout America. United States and beyond. Birria is a fiery meat stew, traditionally goat, but more often beef too — cooked in guajillo chiles and typically some kind of citrus like orange, along with other ingredients to create the appearance of a red soup. Protein granules can be spooned into tortillas and garnished with onions and cilantro.

It’s also used as the basis to make quesabirria, which is a dish where the meat, as well as white cheese, are put into a corn tortilla, which is typically soaked in red broth before being placed on a hot grill that the cheese and juices mix to form a gooey hot vessel that is served with the soup.


The literal translation of the term means “little meats,” but carnitas is the word used to describe pork that is slowly braised for several hours inside its fat until it attains its highest tenderness and then baked to crispness.

The Mexican state of Michoacan is believed to be a territory of carnitas. The argument could be made that carnitas were among the first to adopt the nose-to-tail custom within North America. Nearly every part of the pork is used for carnitas preparation, starting with the succulent costillas (ribs), crisp burritos (skin) that are used to make chicharrones, and gelatinous Buche (stomach), which is a thick stomach excellent option for filling tacos.


A torta recipe is traditionally cooked on a hot grill in the Mexican “Feria de la Torta.”

The torta is the one that many consider to be the most popular Mexican sandwich, with its origins within the State of Puebla, and was influenced by its influence from the French occupation of old. It is made with the bolillo— a crunchy white bread roll that can be filled with marinated meat, usually topped with avocado, refried beans, jalapeno, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Torta ahogada

There are many variations of torta, including one of them. It is the “drowned” version popular in Guadalajara, the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco. With fried pork marinated, the sandwich is soaked in vinegar- and tomato-based bath seasoned with spices like cumin and chiles de arbol.


A popular dish for families at Christmas prepare, tamales are as diverse as tacos. Tamales are ready with a small amount of masa spread over a corn husk or banana leaf. Then, they are packed with meats like chicken or pork, marinated, sealed in a tight wrap, and cooked until soft and soft.


Pozole is a delicious dish that can be traced back to the time of the Aztecs. It is a deliciously satisfying, warm, and nourishing soup made from pork and hominy kernels (though vegetarian or chicken options are becoming more popular). The stew is made with rojo and verde(red and green and served with red guajillo, ancho chiles, or green, with tomatillos pepitas, jalapenos, or cilantro. It is also available in white, which is devoid of any base. Serve with diced onions, chopped radish, shredded cabbage or lime juice, and dried chili peppers.

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