Absolut uses AI to create world’s first visual cocktail art

Absolut, a brand of vodka, has used artificial intelligence (AI) to create a new way to mix cocktails that are inspired by Canadian neighborhoods.

Absolut has announced that it has used artificial intelligence (AI) to create “first-of-their-kind” cocktails that are inspired by people, places, and cultures that depict neighborhoods across Canada.

The company claims to be the first vodka brand in the world to use AI to create cocktail artworks that reflect Canada’s history, culture, and communities.

The artwork will include various locations in Canada, such as Ossington in Toronto, Mile End in Montreal, and Banff Calgary. The company asked locals what they thought made each place special.

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Absolut then inputted its findings into a platform that uses AI and asked it to create artwork for each neighborhood. The company then worked with bartenders on creating various cocktail and mocktail recipes.

Caroline Begley is the Vice President of Marketing at Corby Spirit and Wine. She explained that Absolute is always on the lookout for new mixology techniques.

The campaign aims to inspire Canadians to take in the culture, people, and places that surround them and to drink up every last drop.

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