8 Feng Shui ideas that bring positive energy

With the New Year fast approaching, the expression “out with the old, into the new’ could not be more appropriate with regard to the matters regarding your house. The concepts that are the basis of Feng Shui enable you to add more energy to your living space, resulting in a pleasant, welcoming, and healthy home. It seeks to bring harmony in your workspace and home to maximize your chances of achieving success in all areas you pursue. If translated literally, Feng Shui translates to “wind-water”. While wind disperses energy, water is a reservoir of energy. Here are a few ideas you can implement to draw positive energy into a house.

Make sure the entrance is clean.

Positive energy can enter homes through the entryway or the front door. If you have a cluttered walkway or an unclean entrance, block positive energy flow. Be sure the entrance area is clean and neat for the best results.

Here’s more information on how to make your front door look more attractive.

Plants at the home

To create prosperity this year, consider planting plants and water fountains inside your home. Jade trees and water fountains represent financial wealth and prosperity by the rules of Feng Shui. Alongside the economic advantages, your health increases with plants and flowers within your home.

Pick the perfect mirror


Mirrors are often described as aspirin for Feng Shui as they are believed to solve many issues in a specific area. Make sure you use complete mirrors to look at yourself as a whole. This will give you a feeling of wholeness when you look at yourself.

Be sure to keep your shoes off

In accordance with Feng Shui, a house can be divided into 3 distinct zones: heaven the earth, man, and heaven and earth. Shoes are part of the earth area of a home; this means the floor of the shoe rack should not be more than one-third what is the size of your home. It is also suggested that the rack is placed outside of the bedroom.

Decorate your home in a unique way

There are many Feng Shui ornaments that each represent a specific aspect you want to be incorporated into your home. It is possible to use Chi Lions, which bring strong and protective Feng Shui energy with the benefits of good well-being and wealth. You could also try Fu Dogs, which symbolize social standing and wealth for the family.

Clarity starts in the hallway

The hallway can be a source of opportunities, which is why it’s important to keep it clear of clutter to ensure an energy flow. Make sure you keep shoes, coats, and similar items in a cupboard that is closed to ensure they don’t block the energy. Set fresh flowers in the hallway to instantly boost the energy in the room.

Include Feng Shui in your kitchen

The kitchen is a crucial space; its energy is a symbol of harmonious relationships and nutrition for those who reside there. The sink and stove must not be in opposition to each other, as this could lead to arguments within the household which can result in a battle between fire and water. Try lighter colors for the kitchen.

Make use of aromatic essential oils

Essential oils aid in clearing the negative energy that is residing in your home. You can put the distilled water into the spritzer bottle and add three to six drops of oil. Make use of this solution to spray the air. It is possible to use cinnamon and frankincense in case you have a family member who is sick. The scent of rose oil is a symbol of love, and orange is joy.


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