TNT Birthday Cake

tnt birthday cake

It was my daughter’s birthday last week and she loves when I make her a special cake rather than the store bought ones. She love Minecraft so I decided to make a TNT Birthday Cake. If you know anything about Minecraft, then you already know that you can use the TNT to blow up anything in the game.

[box title="Ingredients" color="#FA5858"]

2 White Cake Mixes
Red Food Coloring
Mini Marshmallows
Black Licorice
White Ribbon


First you make 2 square cakes with 2 white cake mixes. Follow the instructions on the cake box and add red food coloring to the mix. I used confetti cake mix to make it more fun and well my red did not turn a deep red. It seemed more pink to me.


After you bake your 2 cakes and let them cool,  cut them in to squares like you are going to serve them.


Then, begin to stack the squares on top of each other about 2-3 high depending on the thickness of the cake. After a thin layer of frosting in between squares to hold them in place.


After you stack them, use a ribbon to wrap around the cake (remember this is just for decoration, it is not edible). Write the letters TNT in big letters several times around the ribbon before wrapping it around the cake.


Next find a kitchen utensil to punch a hole out of the top about an one inch deep. Add mini marshmallows to the inside of the hole .Cut black licorice in half and stick one in each hole.


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