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Here’s where I’ll do my best to show transparency to my valued readers


From time to time we will provide links on this site that contain affiliate tracking cookies, which will then generate a small percentage of commission for Simple and Trendy.  This is at no extra cost to you, it’s how we are able to pay the fees such as virtual assistants, web hosting, craft & food shopping for blog posts and to make us a profitable business.  Other ways this site is compensated is by the ads that are displayed on the site, for free to the reader which may generate income.  Underwritten posts and sponsored posts that we approve are fitting are also done for a nominal fee from the sponsor.


Just because a company is willing to spare a few dollars for a selfless promotion, we will not be promoting things we do not truly believe in.  We will not lead our readers down a shallow path just to make a buck.


If you use your personal information to sign up for our email newsletter, giveaways or comment – we value that and respect your privacy as a loyal contributor to our Simple and Trendy community.  In no way, ever, shall we sell your information or give this to anyone.


Posts containing affiliate links, paid for sponsoring and the like will always be disclosed on this site.  If something is worth mentioning that was not disclosed as a free or sponsored item, then I bought it out of my own wallet and love it so much it was worth sharing! :)

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact me.

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