How to Make a Mason Jar Salad : Lunchbox!

mason jar salad collage

I’m sure by now you’ve been subjected to the Mason Jar craze! What isn’t to love about the classic look of home decor, painted jars, mason jar tumblers / drinking glasses and more from your grandma’s old stash! But something I found about a year ago has stuck with me and became a kitchen staple.

strawberry salad in mason jar

The Mason Jar Salad

Anyone can create their own salad and place them in a jar to stay fresh for 7 – 10 days!  It’s the convenience and handiness that I love for my busy days.  There are many different recipe combinations that you can create to make your own salad in a jar, but here are some basic tips that should be applied across the board to ensure maximum freshness and less prep time!

Wash and dry Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jars (lids and bands too).

I wash as many as I use with then current ingredients on hand.  If I have busy schedule for the week I will make at least 6 jars of salad (one for each day of the work week and one to grab and go on the weekend)

Prep (clean, cut, dice, slice, etc) all your ingredients for your salad.

Ingredients can vary for any salad created.  My creations usually consist of a handful of vegetables, salad greens, cheese and dressing.  If I’m in the mood for something sweet I’ll grab oil, strawberries, greens and mozzarella cheese.  The creations are endless, but try to use things you like and won’t get sick of over a week’s time. ;)  You’ll want to actually eat the salads you’ve made!

types of salad in jars

Build / Create Your Salad in a Jar / Layering Instructions

salad in a mason jar dressing

  • DRESSING:  ALWAYS, always, always, put the dressing on the bottom first.
    •  You can add as much or as little as you prefer.  I mainly choose a vinaigrette as they come out easier when you’re ready to eat and spread over my salad when dumping onto my plate.  Here’s a tip: When using a dressing that is creamier (think, Ranch!) or thick it’s best to turn your jar upside down the morning you plan on eating the salad.  This will help the dressing run off the bottom and onto the salad making it easier to get out when it’s time to eat.

salad in a mason jar veggies

    • Put in as much as you’d like.  A basic vegetable salad I’m creating will always contain: chopped carrots, green olives, diced onions, green peppers and mushrooms on top of the dressing.  I love how the veggies will soak up and marinate in the vinegary dressings to take in the flavor.  These also act like a barricade to keep the meats and greens out of getting soggy!  {Once I used chopped broccoli, this was the only time I’ve made salads in jars that I couldn’t eat after about 6 days.  I’m not sure if the broccoli went bad but the smell was HORRIFIC! I had to dispose what was left of my salads — therefore, I don’t use this ingredient any more.}

salad in a mason jar meat toppings

  • MEATS 
    • Grilled, chopped and diced chicken is my go-to for mason jar salads.  It’s easy for me to prepare a few chicken breasts at a time on the grill and then chop them up to spread across a weeks’ worth of lunches.  Again, your taste buds may differ and you may want chopped ham, sliced steak or tofu!  Whatever works for you… the “meats” are added on top of the veggies so they don’t soak up the dressing.
    • Adding shredded cheese in on top of the meat is my next step.  You can also use cheese crumbles such as blue cheese or feta.  My personal favorite is cheddar.  Above the cheese you’ll add your salad topper like sunflower seeds ~ or dare I say BACON (bits) :) .  This is the time you’ll add temperamental veggies such as avocado that would otherwise be ruined by laying in the dressing.

salad in a mason jar

    • Time to stuff the rest of your jar with all the greens you’ve ever desired.  I personally prefer romaine hearts or spring mix but simple iceberg lettuce will even suffice.  I stuff the lettuce in the jar so it’s packed to the brim.  I even push the rest of my salad down when I am stuffing in the lettuce so I can cram in twice as much as room allows.

 As long as you keep the jar upright the salad will stay fresh and the lettuce won’t be soggy.  {Bleh, soggy lettuce. } I stack them up in the fridge and then keep them in there until I leave for work that day or until we are headed out on a busy weekend.  For about an hour or less of prep time, I’ve made my lunch for a week solid!  I throw the jar of salad in my bag and take it along.  If I can refrigerate throughout the day I’ll do so until lunch time.  (Like I mentioned before, if I’ve used ranch dressing I’ll turn it upside down to get the dressing off the bottom of the jar)  When it’s time to eat I pop off the ring and lid and dive right in or pour it out on a plate / bowl so I can mix it all up.

 Want an even EASIER way to prep salad in a jar?


You know, there’s an even more fashionable and clever way to create an easy Salad on the Go in a Mason Jar.  By adding a BNTO to go container right under the lid of your mason jar you can keep your dressing (peanut butter, dip, hummus, yogurt, milk) separate from your salad (veggies, grains, cereal, chips, and more).  These are so cool and make packing a quick snack even easier.  You can purchase a BNTO Travel Mason Jar Container from my Etsy Shop for only $8.75 or as a complete mason jar lunchbox set for $15!

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