DIY Burlap Signs


Burlap signs are trending right now and they are so easy to make with items you may have from home. I was able to make 2 signs hanging above my coat hanger with everything I already had in my garage so I paid nothing out of pocket. If you don’t have the items on hand, you can find them inexpensively in the store.


To begin, cut 2 squares (or how many you want) out of plywood of the size you want. Then, cut some burlap sacks into squares so it can warp around to the back of the plywood square (you can purchase sacks for $1 at a tractor supply store). To reinforce it I used duct tape so it will stay closed. When you turn it over you will see the burlap covering the plywood square.


Finally, I went online and found some stencils to print off of the letter and number I wanted. I taped it down on the burlap sign and spray painted the letter and number onto each burlap sign. After it dried, my husband used a small nail gun and nailed it to the wall. If you don’t have spray paint you can always use paint and a roller.

*Tip: To avoid over spray cover the burlap sign with paper around the edges unless you want a different look.*

DIY Front Door Welcome Sign & Wreath


At first I had a plain navy blue door with navy blue shutters. I got bored with the color so I decided to paint the shutters and the door black. After staring at the plain black front door for months, I realized that it was boring. I needed to dress it up and didn’t want to spend a fortune on the design. I decided to try and come up with some things I had around the house or to purchase inexpensively.


To begin I needed to make my wreath. I used a wire coat hanger and bent it to a circle and connected it at the top by twisted it together with pliers. I purchased some fake flowers at a local store on sale for $1 a bundle. I began to wrap the flowers around the coat hanger and arranged it to the way I liked it.

To hang the wreath I purchased a magnetic hook from Amazon. You can get a 2-Inch Magnetic Hooks – 2 Piece Set on sale for $8.99 (price may change at any time without notice). These hold up to 15 lbs and will stick to your door if it is metal.


Next I needed to make my “Welcome” sign for the front of the door. I had some stencils in my craft supplies and laid them out with duct tape on my front door to how I wanted it. I also had some gold spray paint in my craft supplies. I decided to spray paint it gold right to my front door.

*Tip: Make sure to cover the rest of the door with paper for over spray and be careful as gold paint runs. It would work better if the front door was off the hinges and laying flat.*


Fall Craft: Re-purposed Toilet Paper Roll Owl



Owls are such a fun and whimsical way to welcome fall in. If you were to head to the store and wish to purchase a decorative owl, you could find yourself spending $10 and up for a cute piece. Instead, save your cash and create your own feathered friend from materials you already have around the house. If you have a toilet paper roll, you can easily whip up your own re-purposed toilet paper roll owl. Take a look below and see how simple and inexpensive it is to not only create one, but have a “hoot” of a time doing so. This is a simple craft that you don’t need to be a crafting queen to do, in fact even the kids will love getting in on the action. Take a peek!

[box title=”Re-purposed Toilet Paper Roll Owl” color=”#d72509″]
Supplies Needed:

1 empty toilet paper roll

Construction paper

Scrapbook paper

Craft glue



1. Lay your empty toilet paper roll on the construction paper. Make a small pencil mark at each end of the roll.

2. Take your scissors and cut the strip of construction paper so the strip is the width of the toilet paper roll.

3. Put some craft glue on the toilet paper roll and wrap the strip of construction paper around it. Press it firmly to the roll and allow it to dry.

4. Now, you are going to create the owl shape out of your toilet paper roll. To do this, choose one end of the roll to work with. Take your thumbs and press one side of the roll (just about ½ an inch at the top) inward.

5. Keep holding this section down and repeat on the opposite side. You will feel how a curve is created.

6. Add a dab of glue underneath the second flap you have created. Press firmly into place and allow time to dry.

7. While your ears of your owl are drying, make your wings and other facial features. A circle cut in half makes the perfect wings, two circles make great eyes, and a triangle works for the nose. You should use contrasting paper colors or prints so these features stand out. You can even take a strip of paper and line it around the bottom of the owl for extra detail.

See how easy it is to make these whimsical owls? Give this simple DIY a try and have a hoot of a time!

How to Make Chalkboard Labels


I wanted to organize my pantry but didn’t want to spend a ton of money doing it. I see the trend now a days is the chalkboard labels. They make it easy to label everything and erase it at the same time. I had to come up with a solution to make my own for under $5. I began digging through my house to see what items I had on hand. I found some colorful labels in my craft closet along with some Mason jars that I used for canning a few years ago. I went to the store and bought some chalkboard paint that costs me $4.67 at Walmart. I washed the Mason Jars in the dishwasher and began my project.


 Supplies Needed:

Mason Jars
Chalkboard Paint


First I spray painted the labels with Chalkboard Paint and let them dry.



Then, I cut them out into different shapes by hand with scissors. You could use wavy scissors or your own design.


Before I put them on the jars, I wrote what each jar contained with chalk (or you could use a white crayon if you don’t want it to come off). Stick the label onto each jar and organize your pantry the way you would like it. I put the jars on the top shelve of my pantry and lined them up to look nice. Here is a picture before and after of my pantry.