DIY Burlap Signs


Burlap signs are trending right now and they are so easy to make with items you may have from home. I was able to make 2 signs hanging above my coat hanger with everything I already had in my garage so I paid nothing out of pocket. If you don’t have the items on hand, you can find them inexpensively in the store.


To begin, cut 2 squares (or how many you want) out of plywood of the size you want. Then, cut some burlap sacks into squares so it can warp around to the back of the plywood square (you can purchase sacks for $1 at a tractor supply store). To reinforce it I used duct tape so it will stay closed. When you turn it over you will see the burlap covering the plywood square.


Finally, I went online and found some stencils to print off of the letter and number I wanted. I taped it down on the burlap sign and spray painted the letter and number onto each burlap sign. After it dried, my husband used a small nail gun and nailed it to the wall. If you don’t have spray paint you can always use paint and a roller.

*Tip: To avoid over spray cover the burlap sign with paper around the edges unless you want a different look.*