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elf on the shelf donuts idea

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I started seeing these Elf Donuts on Pinterest and knew right away that our Elf, Buddy, would have to make a quick trip by the Bakery at the North Pole for my kids!  This is the cutest idea, ever.  It was also so much fun to make for my kids.  All you need is a couple of things from the kitchen and you have a Donut Shop!

elf donuts - elf on the shelf

You will start with Cheerios.  Any kind will work, we had Honey Nut Cheerios on hand so this is what I used.

Cinnamon Covered Elf Donuts:   Shake in baggie with cinnamon / sugar mix.

Powder Covered Elf Donuts: Shake in a baggie with confectioner sugar.  Poke with toothpick to clear center hole.

Chocolate Covered Elf Donuts: Melt chocolate and dip cheerio in to cover one half or use chocolate icing and spread around top.  (I just dipped mine in a pile of chocolate icing I put on a plate… this method was messy!)

Sprinkle Covered Elf Donuts: Use same method as for chocolate covered, when icing/chocolate is damp still dip the chocolate in a bowl of small round sprinkles so they adhere.

I made the donut box by using an old earring jewelry box. I pulled the insert out and covered the lid with red cardstock.  This seemed easier than downloading a template and making one origami style.  (Seemed is the operative word here)  I then placed wax paper inside and loaded it with the donuts.

NOTE::: I used kid’s chopsticks to pick my cheerios up and place them in the box and on the plates.  This leaves the sugar and other toppings intact without finger prints.  You could also use tweezers, straw, tongs, whatever works!

elf on the shelf donuts

Since my daughter has Egg and Peanut allergies, I wrote at the bottom of the note that Buddy had checked all the ingredients as she’s never had real donuts before.  She is always apprehensive when people try to give her food, so this was just put on there to make her aware he checked for her.  (Since I’m not supposed to have anything to do with it ;) )

I snagged a cute plate from my daughter’s play kitchen set as well as another plate and tea cup. Buddy leaned on it and waited for them to wake up in the morning.

The supplies needed to pull this off were:

  • Buddy; our Elf on the Shelf
  • Cheerios
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Cinnamon / Sugar
  • Chocolate Melts / Chocolate Icing
  • Small Round Sprinkles
  • Small jewelry box & paper to cover it
  • Wax paper for the box insert
  • Plastic play kitchen supplies (you can get as elaborate as you want with this!)
  • Red & Green Pen
  • Cardstock Paper for the Note

Here’s a little behind the scenes action that I took a shot of so you can see what it looks like to be an Elf in progress!

elf on the shelf behind the scenes donuts

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