Elf on the Shelf Idea : Making Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Elf on the Shelf Rainbow Loom Bracelet

See what Buddy the Elf is doing around our house Dec 1 – 24 : Check out the Elf on the Shelf Ideas here.

Buddy the Elf made his appearance on the Kitchen counter on Day 2 (Dec 2).  He brought with him a small plastic container from another trendy item for kids right now the Rainbow Loom Bracelet kit.  {I know we have more rubber bands laying around my house now that I’d ever expected to see in a lifetime!}  Buddy had made himself a bracelet as well as one for each Charming and Mischief (my son and daughter).  He must have been head over heels in the bands as he’s got them all over his legs too as a fashion statement.

Elf On The Shelf _ Rainbow Loom Bracelets 2

When my daughter wore her bracelet to school she thought it was so cool because she knew Buddy made it for her ;) and he would be watching her all day.  She was not impressed however with her 11 year old brother that didn’t care to wear his made by the elf!

The supplies needed to pull this off were:

Secretly I’ll tell you- it took only one of each color : green, red, white to make Buddy’s bracelet and then I just slipped red and white ones on his legs without forming them in to a connected band.

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