Brain Cupcakes

Brain cupcakes 3


Here is a fun cupcake for a kids Halloween party at school or at home. And they are so easy to make with just a few ingredients. You can make chocolate, vanilla, pudding, or Jell-O cupcakes. The part that makes them spooky is the top creating a brain that is somewhat realistic. Check out how to make them below with step-by-step instructions and ingredients.


[box title="Ingredients" color="#B40404"]

1 Box of Boxed Cake Mix
Vegetable Oil
1 Packet Strawberry Shortcake Frosting Creations
1 Packet Mocha Frosting Creations
1 Container of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations (not pictured)

  1. Follow instructions on Boxed Cake Mix and bake accordingly.
  2. Let cupcakes cool  after you take them out of the oven.
  3. Prepare your frosting color by adding a pinch of Strawberry Mocha and a pinch of Mocha Frosting Creations Powder until you get a flesh color.
  4. Use a Cupcake Decorator with a round circle attachment. (I use Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus to decorate my cupcakes.) Draw a line down the center of the cupcake. Then, do a zig-zag on each side of the line to create a brain like effect.


Use can use them as a centerpiece of your Halloween table and place them on a Halloween CupCake Stand and Holder to make it easy for the kids to grab and enjoy!






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