25 Halloween Party Ideas

halloween party ideas

My favorite time of the year is Halloween. I love dressing up, passing out candy, seeing everyone’s costume, and having a great Halloween party. This time of year there are many Halloween parties for kids and adults. Each year I like to create a new and different Halloween party. Sometimes it is not easy to come up with ideas that is why I have compiled a list of ideas to help with your Halloween Party. I have recipes for food and drinks, ideas for Decor and Favors, Costume Ideas, and Party themes. Just click on each link/links to be directed to the website for instructions on each idea. Enjoy!

Food and Drink

1. Skull Shaped Pizza
2. Awesome Chocolate Bugs
3. Nutella Oreo Witch Hats
4. Stamped Halloween Food
5. Cheese Eyeballs
6. Custom Colored Candies
7. Punch in Mason Jars
8. “Off With Your Hand” Punch
9. Monster Dip
10. Halloween Ramekin Snacks

Decor and Favors

11. Glow in the Dark Slime
12. Queen of Skulls Candy Dish
13. Rustic Ghostly Garland
14. Frankenstein Printable
15. Halloween Tret Bucket
16. Flip Top Monster Boxes
17. Make a Face Halloween Party Favors
18. Pumpkin Drink Dispenser
19. Scrap Fabric Garland

Costumes and Party Themes

20. Blacklight Body Paint Party
21. Sugar Skull Makeup Inspiration
22. “The Birds” Halloween Party
23. Monster Ball Halloween Party
24. DIY Halloween Photo Booth
25. $1 Paper Doll Costume

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